April 15, 2024

Schools in Dokolo register low turn up of learners for third term

By Voice of Lango Editorial (editor@vol.co.ug) 


Dokolo District inspector of schools has decried low turn up of learners for the third term that begun yesterday.

Denis Livingston Okello said he traversed schools like Atabu P/S in Bata, Aliwok P/S in Kangai and Anwangi among others and found very few pupils had reported.

He cautioned parents against assumptions that learners do not study in the first week of a term saying that this could affect performance among learners.

The head teacher of Angai primary school, Morris Bali said only 84 out of 975 pupils reported.

Voice of Lango also visited some schools like Kwera primary school where only 104 out of 1,203 pupils reported,  Bar Dyang primary school in Adok Sub County, only 45 out of 551 pupils reported, Kachung primary school in Agwata town council received 91 out of 1,017 pupils.

At Angwecibangi primary school in Dokolo town council 400 out of 1,564 pupils reported.

Cones Okabo Opio the head teacher of Angwecibangi asked parents to send their children to school to compensate for the time lost during the coronavirus induced lockdown.