June 18, 2024

Chaos between Muslim factions brings learning to standstill at Lira Primary School

By Denish Ongora (denish.ongora@vol..co.ug)


Learning was this morning brought to stand still at Lira primary school and Ojwina Seed SS after chaos broke out between Muslims of Uganda Muslim Supreme Council and those aligned to the leadership of Supreme Mufti Shiek Galabuzi at Faizan Madina Mosque (Lira P7 Mosque) located within Lira primary school. 

Last week, Muslims of Faizan Madina mosque split up from Uganda Muslim Supreme council led by the Mufti of Uganda Shiek Shaban Mubajje and joined the Supreme Mufti of Uganda Sheik Galabuzi.

Muslims of Faizan Madina Mosque have been promising not to evacuate Faizan Madina mosque, Lira P7, Ojwina Seed SS, and land among other property.

Today, the district Khadi of Lango Muslim district sheik Isaque Nangoye and other officials took a person who was appointed by Mubajje to replace Sheik Yusuf Balinda at Faizan Madina mosque as the Imam but the Muslims who support Balinda begun fighting them, drawing the intervention of police.

Police fired teargas to arrest the situation, sending pupils into panic, forcing the school administration to send them back home.

It was only pupils in boarding section and P.7 candidates who remained at the facility.

About four pupils collapsed due to teargas that was being fired, and three of them who were in critical state including;  Abalo Hawa Peace of P.5, Atim Faima of P.5 and Akulllo Sifa also of P.5 were evacuated to the hospital for medical attention.

Effort to speak to Lira city west division DPC Tenywa Ivan on why police opted to fire teargas at a school premise as opposed to use of other means to quell the situation was futile as he declined to speak to the press.

The head teacher of Lira P7, Benson Ario condemned the incident which he said may affect learning at the school and cause parents to lose trust in the school.

The incident attracted parents who camped at the school gate and demanded to leave with their children or to be allowed to have a glimpse at them.

The Muslims of Faizan Madina Mosque who were protesting the posting of another Imam to replace Sheik Balinda said they would not leave the mosque.

More details on this story will unfold in our subsequent bulletin.