June 18, 2024

Relatives of Francesca Amony to meet burial expense for slain Dr. Etuk

By Denis Okello (denis.okello@vol.co.ug)


Relatives of Francesca Amony who is accused of stabbing her husband Dr. Joseph Etuk to death have agreed to meet the burial expenses for the deceased.

Amony a former councilor of Pece division, in Gulu city on Friday night reportedly stabbed Dr. Joseph Etuk following a misunderstanding and the latter died after being rushed to the hospital for treatment.

Amony handed herself to police at Gulu central police station where she is being held as investigation into the matter continues.

The clan leader of Ocukuru Amola to which Dr. Etuk belonged, Benson Taiwo said they had a meeting with Amony’s relatives in Gulu city yesterday where they agreed to meet all the burial expense for their deceased son.

Taiwo, said they expect the body of Etuk to arrive in Lango on Thursday and it will spend the night in Lira city then later leave for Alebtong on Friday for burial slated for this Saturday.

Meanwhile, the foreign minister of Lango cultural foundation Peter Okello Oyo has cautioned youths against rushing to marry their partners whose background they do not know.

Peter Okello Oyo’s statement was in relation to the murder of Dr. Joseph Etuk

Okello Oyoo said some youths have a tendency of marrying people whom they have known for a very short period of time without establishing their behavior.

He said in most cases people who hurry to marry their partners may end up facing a lot of suffering including domestic violence from their partners putting their lives at risk.

Okello Oyoo mourned Dr. Joseph Etuk whom he said died at a tender age when the country needed his service the most.