July 21, 2024

LCV chairpersons, Mayors to resolve Lira City West Division leadership row

By Denis Okello (denis.okello@vol.co.ug)


The association of LCV chairpersons and mayors in Lango intends to meet leaders of Lira city West division to resolve the leadership wrangle at the division much as the minister of local government Raphael Magyezi intends to do the same.

Recently, councilors of Lira city west division resolved to censure the speaker Daniel Okello accusing him of failure to respect the mayor and councilors as well as incompetence and abuse of office.

Minister Raphael Magyezi has since committed to resolve the leadership row between speaker Daniel Okello and the division mayor Michael Ogwal Achonga.

The chairperson of Lango district chairpersons, David Kennedy Odongo said the local government Act allows the district chairpersons to guide leaders of Lira city west division on issues of development to promote peace.

Odongo however blamed Mayor Ogwal Achonga for failing to consider amicable means to resolve their differences with Daniel Okello especially through dialogue.

Odongo said the local government Act does not allow the town clerk to convene a council meeting and whatever resolution was made to censure the speaker remains null and void.

Odongo said they will hold a meeting of LCV chairperons and mayors this month and institute a committee to resolve pending issues at Lira city west division.