June 18, 2024

Minister Magezi asks Lira City West Division to seek mediation as opposed to censure of speaker


By Denish Ongora (denish.ongora@vol.co.ug)


Minister of local government, Raphael Magyezi has asked Lira City west division councilors to consider mediation as opposed to censure of the division speaker Daniel Okello

In his letter dated 11/11/2022, to Akaa Samuel who is a lead petitioner in the planned censure of speaker Daniel Okello minister Raphael Magyezi said much as the move by Lira city west division councilors to censure speaker,Okello Daniel is legal, councilors should consider other options to resolve the leadership impasse in the division.

Magyezi said the councilors are basing on local government act) sec. 23 A (6,7), Sec. 11, that stipulates how a speaker is censured and  Local government act sec. 23 A (1) that allows the district presideing officer to preside over election of a new speaker.

Minister Magyezi however said the counilors should also make use of the 1995 ugandan constitution that allows a person to defend him or herself in case of complaints raised against them.

He said the councilors should seek mediation involving religious and cultural leaders among others to resolve the issues at the division.

Samuel Akaa welcomed minister Magyezi’s advise to have Councilors hold mediation with speaker, Daniel Okello but added that the mater will be decided upon by Councilors today

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