April 15, 2024

Lira City West division lawyer withdraws from case involving censure of speaker


By Voice of Lango Editorial (editor@vol.co.ug)


Lira City West Division lawyer who has been representing, Mayor Michael Ogwal Aconga and Town Clerk Jimmy Angole in a case involving the planned censure of Lira city west division speaker Daniel Okello has withdrawn from the case.

Counsel Innocent Okuny of Egaru and Company advocates announced his withdrawal in court yesterday, citing pressure and political influence in the matter.

Okuny said he wants to maintain his reputation and his profession as a lawyer to avoid conflicting with the Law Council.

Lira resident judge, justice Duncan Gaswaga yesterday instituted an interim injunction stopping Lira City west division leadership from convening any council meeting seeking to censure the division speaker, Daniel Okello.

Lawyer Okot Bitek who is representing Daniel Okello welcomed the interim injunction instituted by court, adding that the recent council meeting convened by Angole to censure the speaker was done illegally.

Hope Abeja who also represented Daniel Okello welcomed the court order which she said upholds the rights of their client.

Daniel Okello said the move will give them ample time to resolve the leadership wrangles in Lira city west division.

Mayor Micheal Ogwal Aconga maintained that no council meeting has been convened, but was quick to add that they are free to attend any meeting convened by any other person other than the speaker.

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