February 27, 2024

Apac NRM supporters accused of in-fighting

By Voice of Lango Editorial (editor@vol.co.ug)


Apac Woman Member of Parliament Betty Awor Engola has accused some members in the district of in fighting that she fears can affect the development of the party in the district.

She therefore called on the NRM secretary general and other party leaders to address this challenge in a bid to promote party cohesion.

When contacted, Bonny Ojaa who is the NRM registrar for Apac district conquered Mp Engola saying most party members in the district are driven by the interest of personal gains at the expense of party interest.

Ojaa however said such internal conflict in the party is not only in Apac but in several districts. He therefore called for stringent disciplinary measures against acts of indiscipline in the party.

Talib Okabo, the NRM chairman for Apac district in an interview with Voice of Lango said there is no bickering among party leaders and members in Apac as raised by Apac woman member of parliament, Betty Engola.

Okabo however blamed party elected leaders for not doing enough that is why people are not seeing the achievement of the party in the district.