June 18, 2024

National Water officials in Lira accused of corruption, incompetence   

By Denish Ongora (denish.ongora@vol.co.ug)


Officials of National Water and Sewerage Cooperation-NWSC, Lira branch have been accused of corruption, incompetence and poor leadership.

Oyam south MP, Isa Otto Amiza a resident of Lira city has written to the managing director, National Water and Sewerage Cooperation Dr. Eng. Silver Mugisha highlighting issues that have caused water crisis in Lira city.

In his letter to Dr. Eng. Silver Mugisha, dated 2nd/03/ 2023, and received on 3rd/03/2023, Otto Isa accused the manager, NWSC, Lira branch of corruption and incompetence.

Otto said NWSC Lira branch workers are indiscipline and less concerned about the complaints of Lira city dwellers on issues of water.

He alleges that the equipment installed to pump water like; generator, pipes, meters, are substandard which has contributed to disruption in water supply.

Otto also notes the issue of poor water treatment which has seen dirty water being supplied, putting people at risk of suffering from different diseases.

Otto also says the generator being used by NWSC which is supposed to pump 500 cubic liters per hour, only pumps 270 cubic liters per hour which has contributed to disruption in water supply.

He says officials of NWSC Lira branch have also been collecting money for water connections and using substandard pipes.

Otto adds that huge sums of money was spent in repair of the water booster in Ireda, Agwata, and Akanykori but water problem has persisted on.

He accuses the Manager of national water in Lira, of connivance with politicians and NWSC officials in Kampala to conceal the issues surrounding water supply in Lira city.

Otto has asked the Managing director of national Water and Sewerage cooperation to act on the matter failure of which he will launch a serious demonstration against NWSC like he did to UMEME in the past.

Managing director of national Water and Sewerage cooperation Dr. Eng. Silver Mugisha acknowledged receipt of Otoo Isa’s letter and promised to institute a team of engineers to probe the issues highlighted

Manager of national water, Lira branch Gerazio Tukahirwa said he received Otto’s complaints and is waiting for what action to be taken by the top authorities of NWSC.

Tukahirwa attributes the interruption in water on installation of water pumps in Agwata and Kachung as well as power black outs.

He said Lira will now receive 9 million liters of water, from the current 7 million liters and interruption in water supply will also be checked.