March 4, 2024

Lira City West speaker threatens to mobilize locals to work on dilapidated Oyam road

By Denis Okello (


Lira city west division speaker, Daniel Okello has threatened to mobilize locals to work on Oyam road, near Lira Bus Park in the city center that is in dilapidated state.

Okello said he took a decision to mobilize locals to work on this road after his plea to Lira city council leaders including mayor, Sam Atul to work on the road failed for the last two years he has been in office.

He said on Tuesday, he together with willing individuals will work on Oyam road to improve transport and business in the area.

Okello Daniel also called for close monitoring of USMID road projects in Lira city by councilors, expressing fear that he project may not be completed by Abubaker technical services by the 31/12/2023 deadline.

Lira city council female workers’ councilor Sarah Awor Angweri said it has become difficult for councilors to monitor different projects in Lira city after the city leadership continuing to conceal the progress of projects.

Awor asked Lira city council to use funds from Uganda road fund to rehabilitate roads that are in poor state.

Lira city mayor, Sam Atul said they will work on roads that are in poor state in the city, adding that their effort is being stifled by heavy rains currently being received.

He said recently, Lira city roads committee sat to identify roads to be worked on and denied reports he was adamant on the issues of poor roads in the city.