April 15, 2024

Top 10 best UCE Schools in Lango named


By Bonny Otim Ogwal (bonny.otim@vol.co.ug)

Lira City.

10 secondary schools in Lango have this year printed their names on the wall of fame as the best performed schools in the sub region in the recently released Uganda Certificate of Education results.

7 of the 10 schools are from Lira City, two from Kole district while one is from Lira district. Meanwhile 7 of these top ten schools are privately owned with the exception of Dr Obote College Boroboro, St Katherine girl’s secondary school and Comboni College.

St. Mary’s Girls College in Kole district has again emerged as the best performed school in greater Northern and Eastern Uganda with 55 candidates passing in division one and 1 candidate in division two representing 98.2 %.  Two candidates from the Lira Catholic Diocese owned school scored aggregate eight for eight subjects done.

St Gracious Secondary School in Lira City owned by Dr Patrick Olet came in the second position with 92 students in division one,42 in division two, 6 in division three out of 140 students representing 65.7 percent.

Meanwhile Dr Obote College Boroboro came third with 93 students in division one, 40 in division two, 8 in division three and two in division four out of the total 143 students, representing 65.0%

Mentor Secondary School came fourth with 100 students in division one,73 in division two, 7 in division three representing 55.6%.

St Marys College Aboke15554100 98.2
St Gracious Secondary School2140924260 65.7
Dr Obote College Boroboro3143934082065.0
Mentor Secondary School41801007370055.6
Dara Christian High School574373610 50.0
Wisdom High School6167758480044.9
Faith Secondary School71525767234 37.5
Asili Girls Voc School836121491033.3
St Katherine Girls9262801035425030.5
Comboni Collgege10101225029  21.8
Aduku Secondary School111292757450020.9
Hill City College12671340140019.4
Rapha Secondary School13531043   18.9
St Marys Magdaline141973485461017.3
Alito Secondary School1553917270017.0
Buluge Comprehensive16290391018069113.4
Adwari Secondary School1724833848147313.3
Lango College1814919673825 12.8
Dokolo Girls Secondary School19172753 11.8
Fr Aloysious2013213384732 9.8
Acaba Secondary School212302259995009.6
Maruzi Seed Secondary School222081963596709.1
Amuca SDA Secondary School3376619182847.9
King James272591992975107.3
Akalo Comprehensive School22145959552206.2
Lira Town College2348729106134185336.0
Ogur Seed Secondary School24124733453905.6
DR. ORYANG255739182525.3
Leo Atubu261205223459 4.2

Dara Christian High School emerged firth with 37 candidates in division one, 36 in division two and one candidate in division three representing 50.0 %

Other schools that performed are Wisdom secondary school, Faith Secondary School , Asili Girls SS, St Katherine girls secondary and Comboni College respectively.

In the results, released by the minister of education of sports Janet Kataha Museveni at State House Nakasero, a total of 346,816 candidates representing 95.8 percent passed the examinations signifying that they can progress to the next level of education.

Out of the 364,469 candidates who registered for the examinations, 64,782 scored division one, 85,566 passed in division two, 83,545 got division three while 112,924 passed in division four. 14,879 failed the examinations.

Minister of education and sports Janet Kataha Museveni while releasing the results, decried the continuous drop in the number of boy children who are registering for the Uganda Certificate of Education.

The executive secretary of UNEB Dan Odongo says  performance in the Science subjects continues to be a cause for concern, with last year’s results showing that less than 20% of the candidates obtained Credit pass levels in Physics and Chemistry, while 40% or more were unable to pass.

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  1. Congratulations in some years to come we shall be much better struggles should continue b’se those days we could hear only the like of Comboni col,lango col,doc and other few but things seems to changing which will bring competition among lango school! Biiiiig up

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