July 21, 2024

“Sacked Lango Electoral Commission” maintains position on organizing election of new Won Nyaci


By Denish Ongora (denish.ongora@vol.co.ug)

Lira City

The embattled Lango Cultural Foundation Electoral Commission has for the first time spoken out about their unceremonious sacking, maintaining their stance to organize elections of the new paramount chief on Friday 1st March 2024.

The electoral body was appointed by the retiring paramount Chief, Yosam Odur Ebii in November 2023 before terminating the entire members of the commission in January 2024.

The commission which was led by Tom Otim, a retired head teacher had six other members including Catherine Beatrice Amongi Lagada a former legislator, Peter Obong Acuda, Hamza Okello, Vincent I Oling, Ben Paul Ogwete Otim and John Elem.

Addressing a council of Owitong meeting chaired by Willy Modo Omodo Kagere on Tuesday, Tom Otim the chairperson of the “disbanded” electoral commission says he had come from his retirement to organize elections of unity but was disappointed by the way he was treated.

According to the celebrated retired teacher, he had completely given up but that the letter from the Ministry of gender, labor and social development brought him back to the tough job.

Otim asked the council of Owitong to keep his family incases he is arrested and taken to jail for organizing the 1st  March 2024 elections.

“I am bleeding in my heart, I lost weight, i was appointed, disappointed, reappointed and terminated” stressed Otim.

The retired head teacher told the council of Owitong that the commission is working under very stressful conditions including lack of guiding rules and regulations, constitution and referencing points save for rules they developed recently.

During the meeting three other members of the electoral commission including Hamza Okello, Peter Obong Acuda and Vincet I Oling expressed their readiness and willingness to organize the elections.

During the sitting, the commission informed the council of Owitong that 126 clans out of the 149 registered clans have so far submitted the list of all their voters and are ready to participate in the elections.

The council also approved former Lira District LCV Chairman Alex Robert Oremo Alot and Caroline Edonga to replace Beatrice Amongi Lagada and Ben Paul Ogwete Otim.

The upper age cap of the potential candidates for the position of Won Nyaci was amended from 75 and extended to 80 meaning now, those who eligible to contest will be from the age of 55 to 80 years

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