April 15, 2024

Lira City West Division council rejects move by Lira City Council to collect revenue at Bus park

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By Denish Ongora

By Denish Ongora (denish.ongora@vol.co.ug)


Lira city west division council has rejected a move seeking to have Lira city council collect revenue at Lira Bus Park.

According to a draft Mou between Lira city council and Lira city west division, Lira city council is supposed to start collecting revenue from vehicle owners operating at Lira Bus Park from April this year until 2025.

At a council meeting yesterday, the executive of Lira city west division led by mayor Amolo Rose Ongom proposed to initiate a by-law seeking to have the division council collect bus park maintenance fee.

Chaos characterized by fist fights was witnessed among councilors, with some of them accusing their colleagues of receiving bribes to support an agreement between Lira city council and city west division on revenue collection at the Bus Park.

Lira city west division speaker, Okello Daniel ruled that signing revenue collection agreement between the division and Lira city should not go on, since the president had suspended collection of revenue at the bus and taxi parks in 2017.

Council resolved to continue the process of formulating a by-law to have the division council collect bus park maintenance fee which was read for the first time by Orac Vincent.

When tasked to explain why he signed a revenue collection agreement with Lira council city, Lira west division town clerk Komakech Emmanuel said that it was a directive from Lira city town clerk.

Tonny Ogwang Bala the councilor of ipito aweno demanded the division town clerk to account for revenue collected at the Bus park from January to March this year, since the contract had ended in December last year.

Komakech however denied collecting revenue for the last three months.