July 21, 2024

Lango artists involved in road crash

By Denis Okello (denis.okello@vol.co.ug)


Road crashes continue to persist on Ugandan roads despite the government’s commendable efforts over many years.

The causes of road crashes are mainly caused by to human error, weather and the poor state of some roads. The government spends reasonable amounts of money in treating crash victims, at USD 245–3590, yet the funds could instead be used to promote socio-economic development in communities.

A group of Lango artists this morning survived a motor crash in Dima, Kiryandongo district after the vehicle they were travelling in lost control and swerved of the road.

The artists include; Captain Ice, Gye Slence Igwe, B’fall, Lill Square, Big Virus and one Bony.

The chairperson of Lango musicians, Emmy Ongom alias King Blood moon said yesterday a group of artists from Lango met leaders of the Uganda musicians association in Kampala but during their return, they were involved in a crash.

He said the artists were travelling in a private car, while he (Blood moon) and another musician; Brazen Rule traveled by bus.

Ongom added that the vehicle first developed a mechanical fault which was fixed, but later one veered off the road as the artists continued their journey.

Ongom said the artists survived with minor injuries and were being transported to Lira regional referral hospital for medical attention.