April 15, 2024

Lango Cultural Foundation, Chiefs withdraw case against Electoral Commission


By Voice of Lango Editorial (editor@vol.co.ug)

Lira City.

Lango Cultural Foundation and four other clan chiefs who were opposed to the election of the new Lango Paramount Chief have withdrawn an application seeking for a temporary injunction in a case in which they had dragged the electoral body and three other clan chiefs seeking to block the elections of the new Paramount Chief.

In February 2024, Lango cultural foundation, the Prime Minister of Lango Cultural Foundation , James Robert Ajal, and a section of Clan chiefs including Benjamin Okii, Denis Obia Acila,Tile Robert and Benson Dila Oyuku filed three applications at the Lira High Court in which they sought orders to restrain the Tom Otim led electoral commission from organizing the elections of the new Paramount Chief.

The respondents in the case include; the new Lango Paramount Chief Elect Eng. Dr. Michael Moses Odongo Okune, Willy Omodo Omodo, George Ojwang Opota and Electoral Commission members.

Lango Cultural Foundation in their pleading said the purported election was illegal as members of the electoral body had been terminated by the appointing authority (Won Nyaci)

In his ruling for the application for interim order, Lira High Court assistant registrar Salamu Ngoobi says the court did not find any basis to grant the application adding that it defeats logic and reason why the applicants waited when it was remaining two days to the election day  and went to court to complain.

The case returned on Monday for mention before assistant registrar of Lira High Court Ssalamu Godfrey Ngoobi but the applicants attorney, Egaru Emmanuel Omiat asked court to allow them withdraw an application for temporary injunction on ground that it has been over taken by events since the election was successfully conducted.

Lira High Court assistant registrar Ssalamu Godfrey Ngoobi  who presided over the matter in his verdict allowed the applicants to withdraw the case but said that much as the case has been withdrawn, the complainants will meet all legal costs and compensation for the 10 respondents.

Counsel Patrick Okwir who was one of the respondents’ lawyer, while addressing the press at Lango cultural center expressed gratitude towards his fellow lawyer, Egaru for withdrawing the case on grounds he said were genuine.

Okwir advised those who went to court to withdraw all cases to restore peace in Lango cultural institution

Willy Omodo Omodo who was among the respondents in this case asked the complainants to unite together for development of Lango cultural institution.

Omodo said they are still waiting for their lawyer to draft all costs incurred din the case case much as they would want to pardon the complainants.

The clan head of Omolo-acol odyek onywal iceng George Ojwang Opota said they will still pursue the cost in this case much as they will pardon the complainants.                     

Lawyer Emmanuel Egaru said they will continue to pursue the main application but not the injunction they sought to block election of the new paramount chief.

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