June 18, 2024

Motorists, Passengers in overloaded vehicles to be arrested – RTO Okwir


By Moses Olet Emor

Lira City.

The Regional Traffic Officer (RTO) of North Kyoga SP Mathias Okwir Mulumba has warned motorists against disobeying traffic rules saying that they risk being arrested and prosecuted.

According to Okwir, some motorists have been complacent on following traffic rules, a reason for the increase in road crashes in the region.

Speaking on Voice of Lango FM’s Community Policing program Tuesday, Okwir says there have been increased tendencies of overloading, reckless driving, drivers or riders without valid licenses and over speeding which put at risk the lives of motorists and road users.

Okwir says the police will arrest both the drivers and passengers especially those who board overloaded vehicles because both are failing to comply with traffic rules.

“How do you allow to be piled up like luggage without a space to breathe? We are going to arrest all of you”, He said.

The RTO also warned traffic officers who get bribes from motorists and allow them to get away with crime that they will be dealt with in an operation which he says will commence next week. He said the officers commit even bigger crimes by condoning and promoting crime, by allowing such acts.

To people who hide number plates with photos of politicians and during weddings, Mr. Okwir has vowed to crack them down. “Even the Bible says you should abide by the law. Why would you choose to sin on your wedding day? You know the law forbids hiding number plates, we will arrest you – even the mugole (bride) will go to the cells in a gown”.

“When I just came to Lira, so many people had photos or symbols of the president covering their number plates, I called them and told them the consequences. (I told them) You want to shame the president? We will not allow that. This is not a campaign period”, he continued.

Okwir also warned motorists against using DMC cars and motorcycle without silencers, that they risk being arrested and taken to court over noise pollution.

This is not the first time riders of noisy motorcycles in Lira are facing off with the police. Earlier this year, four were arrested over the same.

 Reacting to the arrests in February, Lira City Environment Officer Leonard Otika said it is punishable by the law if one pollutes noise, citing “Noise Standard and Control Regulation of Natural Environment & Management Authority (NEMA) Statutory Instrument 30 of 2023 and section 95 of National Environment Act 2019”, saying it’s punishable by fines and imprisonment.

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