June 18, 2024

Okarowok wibye acel clan declines to burry son lynched over theft

By Voice of Lango Editorial (editor@vol.co.ug)


Okarowok wibye acel clan has declined to burry one of their sons who was lynched and his body burnt in Agwata Town council, Dokolo District over theft of goats.

Last Friday, angry residents of Tetugu Ward, Agwata town council lynched Vincent Odur, 27 a resident of Ayiki and a member of Atek okwero Awele together with Innocent Ogwang, 30 a resident of Amorigoga A, and a member of Okarowok wibye acel but they all come from Abongomola Sub County, Kwania District.

The bodies of the duo was picked up by police and taken to Dokolo H/C4 for a post mortem.

On Sunday, Dickens Owoo, the clan chief of Atek Okwer Awele told Voice of Lango that the relatives of Odur claimed his body and buried it.

But on Monday, the leadership of Dokolo health center IV announced that the body of Ogwang Innocent had not been claimed and expressed fear that it would be buried in a public cemetery.

Geoffrey Onyum, the LC1 chairman of Amorigoga A where Ogwang was a resident said his relatives and clan refused to claim his body over his continous involvement in criminal activities.

Joana Akullu 65, Ogwang’s mother said she had plans of selling her customary land to meet her son’s burial expense but the clan chief of Okwarowok wibye acel Denis Okol stopped her from selling the land on grounds that they do not know Ogwang and he was not a registered member of the clan.

Jimmy Otim, the sub clan chief of Okarowok wibye acel said their clan chief Denish Okol, had directed that no land should be sold to meet burial expense for Ogwang.

Effort to speak to the sub clan chief of Okarowok wibye acel, Denish Okol was futile as his phone was switched off by press time.

Barbra Akech the RDC of Dokolo said that once Ogwang’s relatives fail to claim his body, he will be buried in a public cemetery.