July 21, 2024

Clan leaders subscribed to Bako Olang dismiss reports about new leadership steered by Tekwaro Lango leader

By Denish Ongora (denish.ongora@vol.co.ug)


Leaders of Bako Olang have distanced themselves from Joel Ojuka who is reported to have won election for the new leader of the clan.

The chairperson electoral commission of Bako Olang clan Otim Obaa said he is not aware of any election that was conducted as he was still waiting for the clan speaker to organize a meeting to deliberate on the election guidelines.

Otim said the said election was organized by people aligned to Tekwaro Lango led by Eng. Dr. Michael Odongo Okune much as the outgoing clan leader Olang Eric pays allegiance to Yosam Odur Ebii the paramount chief of Lango.

Ogai Tom the treasurer of Bako-Olang asked the clan members to continue working with Joe Olang Eric as they wait for election of a legitimate clan leader.

Denis Opoo the clan chief on charge land affairs said one Joel Ojuka who is alleged to have been elected the new clan leader of Bako Olang lacks the requisite academic qualification of A’ level for people vying for position of clan chief.

Last week a group of people who belong to Bako –Olang and are opposed to the leadership of Joe Olang Eric declared Joel Ojuka as the newly elected clan leader at Erisa bar in Lira city West division after he emerged unopposed for the position.

Rev. Martin Odongo who presided over the election said a cabinet meeting had adopted a new clan constitution to guide the activities of the clan.