March 4, 2024

Two under police custody in Apac over attempted murder

By Voice of Lango Editorial (


Police of Apac Central Police Station has arrested two people over attempted murder after they assaulted an employee of Radio Divine with dangerous weapons.

Jimmy Ogwal 45 and his wife Lillian Aduk 42, residents of Te-ibu cell, Agulu Division, Apac Municipality are accused of assualting Godfrey Ogwang 38 alias “Koronko de panadol”

North Kyoga regional police spokesperson SP Jimmy Patrick Okema said they got reports that Jimmy Ogwal took his cattle to graze in a cassava garden belonging to “Koronko de panadol but when the latter stopped him from grazing the animals on his garden, they attacked and seriously assaulted him.

Okema said Koronko De Panadol was rushed to the hospital for treatement.

Okema added after interrogation, Lillian Aduk was released on police bond while her husband remained in police custody.

Okada Tommy a brother to Koronko De Panadol attributed the matter to a land wrangle over four acres which is still before court.