June 18, 2024

Teacher, two locals arrested over theft

By Voice of Lango Editorial (editor@vol.co.ug)


Local residents of Aguri B cell, Aderolongo parish, Akali Sub County in Kwania district yesterday arrested Patrick Okwenye, a teacher at Aporotuko Primary School and two of his colleagues over allegation of theft.

Patrick Okwenye, Denis Olum and Patrick Iwal who are residents of Aderolongo, allegedly stole sunflower belonging to Namotondo Christine a teacher of Aporotuko primary school in Aguri B, Aderolongo parish.

Willy Odot, the husband to Namotondo said Okwenye was given the job of harvesting the sunflower together with his friends but they returned to the garden in the night and allegedly stole the sunflower.

Angry locals arrested the suspects and dragged them to the office of the LCII chairman of Aderolongo parish.

Alex Akejo the LC2 chairman of Aderolongo confirmed the matter and said cases of theft were on the rise in his area

Patrick Okwenye and his friends acknowledged stealing the sunflower, attributing the act to poverty since all his salary was being deducted to service loans.