June 18, 2024

Lira district rejects order to cancel Ireda Housing Estate land titles

By Denish Ongora (denish.ongora@vol.co.ug)

Lira district has rejected an order issued by the state house anti-corruption Unit to cancel land tittles of land located at Ireda housing Estate.

Lira district local government got land titles for Ireda Housing estate land but left out part of the land that hosted some people who fled the Karamojong insurgency but the State House Anti-Corruption Unit has reportedly alleged that Lira district had plans of selling this land secretly.

Lira district vice chairman Bonny Omara while presenting the executive committee report at a council meeting held yesterday said that the state house anti-corruption has ordered Lira district CAO to write a letter cancelling the titles of land at Ireda Housing estate that were acquired by some people.

Omara said they are worried that cancellation of the land title could attract a court case which will see the district lose a lot of money.

Lira district chairman Ben Ogwete Otim said he was asked to write to Lira zonal land office to cancel the land titles and his plea to state house anti-corruption unit to say the order has proved futile.

Lira district speaker, Morris Adem Okello accused the state house anti-corruption Unit of stifling development in Lira district adding that it is also being used by unscrupulous people to tarnish the image of Lira district in a bid to grab its property.

Ogur Sub County councilor Otim Moses conquered with the speaker, saying that the operations of the state house anti-corruption Unit lacks legal backing.

However the councilor of Bar Sub Cunty, Okii Denis Opio said state house anti-corruption can proceed with its work provided it works in unison with the district leaders.

Okii said the State House Anti-Corruption is working within the law since it was appointed by the president who enjoys the rights to conduct investigation into different matters.

The councilors asked the CAO not to execute this order which they it could land the district in a legal battle.

Recently Lira district vice chairman Bonny Omara wrote to the  state house anti-corruption to stay investigation into land matters in Lira district but the legal officer of the unit, Arinaitwe Samuel said the move by Lira district was meant to conceal their dubious actions.