Councilors express disappointment with Lira City Council leaders over laxity

By Isaac Okello (


Two councilors of Lira City West Division have expressed disappointment with Lira City Council leaders over their laxity to take action against two business men who have built houses near a wetland located next to the National Water and Sewerage cooperation Lagoon, opposite Victory Out Reach Church.

Mike Ogwal the councilor of Kakoge Ward said one of the land owners has already started constructing a foundation while the other has brought construction materials.

Ogwal also expressed disappointment over the cutting of trees at the mayors’ garden under the watch of Lira city leaders who have failed to take action

Patrick Awongo Dano Alwak the councilor of Odokomit ward called for urgent action to be taken against those erecting structures on the land.

In the rescent Council meeting, the female workers’ councilor Sarah Awor Angweri demanded to know whether or not, Lira City Council leaders are aware of the two businessmen building on the land and those cutting trees at the mayors’ garden.

Lira City town clerk Edward Kiwanuka remained tight-lipped on the matter.

But James Omara Elem the secretary finance of Lira City Council said the matter should be forwarded to different committees for discussion before it is tabled in council.

Lira City Council mayor, Sam Atul accused some councilors of being bribed to refuse to approve an area land committee which is affecting the work of Lira City Land board.

Lira City councilor representing elderly persons, JP Ocare warned councilors to avoid being compromised by the two businessmen who are building on the land in question.