March 4, 2024

Ban on women to occupy car front seats hits a snag in Lira

By Denish Ongora (


A section of female activists have rejected the ban on women who go to markets in Lango from sitting in front of vehicles to minimize crashes.

The ban was imposed by Lira urban Transporter’s SACCO and police.

This follows a video that has been circulated by BBC News about leaders in Lira who have instituted a ban on women from sitting in front of vehicles that transport traders to markets.

Yesterday, some Non-Governmental organizations like Facilitation for Rural Development-FIRD, FIDA, Action for Women And Children Uganda –AWACU  among others sat in a meeting held at Lira city boardroom Board room to debate and resolve on the matter.

Among the resolutions read by Lira district community development officer, Christine Anono include; no law put in place to bar women from sitting in front of vehicles, traffic police carries on the mandate to assess vehicles in transit to ensure adherence to traffic rules to curb road carnages, drivers should not overload vehicles, the public should report reckless drivers and drunk driving prohibited.

SP Okwir Mathias Mulumba the north Kyoga regional traffic officer said the ban came after women in January suggested that women below 40 years should not sit in front of the vehicles to avoid distracting drivers.

Okwir said there is no law that bars women from sitting in front of vehicles and denied claims about the said ban on women from sitting in front of vehicles as reported by international media.

The spokesperson, Lira Urban Transporter’s SACCO Anyeko Bernard Masanga said they moved to stop women from sitting in front of vehicles to minimize crashes following a road tragedy early this year in Ajuri, Alebtong district on 10/01/2022 involving traders which claimed nine lives.

Director of AWACU also former Lira district woman MP Joy Atim Ongom said the alleged ban has put Lira on the spot for infringing on the rights of women and asked that the same should not be implemented.

The chairperson FIDA –Uganda in charge Lango, Santa Ayoo Angela said barring only young women from sitting in front of vehicles is discriminative, adding that better avenue should be used to curb road carnages.

Janet Atim who represented the women who move to markets said stopping them from sitting in front of vehicles was infringing on their rights.

Lira city councilors; Okwir Patrick Opio, and Sara Awor Angweri said the alleged ban infringes on women’s rights and is discriminative.