March 4, 2024

LCII chairperson loses seat over theft of Duck

By Denis Okello (


Local council One Chairpersons of Central ward in Bata town council, Dokolo district and their executive members have removed from office the area LCII chairperson who was last month arrested for theft of a Duck.

Peter Ogwel and two others including Ambrose Epila and Benjamin Orieko were arrested for theft of a Duck belonging to one Vivian Adong.

Upon arrest, the trio was taken to Bata Police Station where they were cautioned and fined shs 300,000.

Yesterday in a meeting summoned by Bata Town Council LCIII chairperson Rashid Eton at Central ward parish headquarter, a vote of no confidence was passed to remove Ogwel from office with immediate effect.

Ogwel and the LCI chairperson of Opwoanyira cell Bonny Opio are also being accused of selling government bicycles given to them to facilitate their work.

The LCI chairperson of Onekocani cell Nelson Ejom said yesterday during the meeting they elected the new LCII chairperson of Central ward and LCI Chairperson of Opwoanyira cell to replace Ogwel and Opio respectively.

He said they elected Peter Okwir as LCII of Central ward and Ambrose Ojede as LCI chairperson for Opwoanyira cell.

The Bata LCIII Chairperson of Bata Town Council Rashid Eton said the move to replace the pair came as a result of concern from their electorates.

Eton said attempts to call Ogwel and Opio to answer the allegation against them were futile after they disregarded the sermon.