April 15, 2024

Agrisol Africa limited partners with U.S based foundation to improve Agriculture in Lango

By Voice of Lango Editorial (editor@vol.co.ug) 


Agrisol Africa limited in partnership with Alpha Mundo foundation USA yesterday launched a project to increase the use of local organic fertilizers during an inception meeting at Fresh world hotel at senior quarters in Lira city east division

The four month project that will be funded by water and energy efficient aims to increase Lango farmers’ output by 5 percent by using local organic materials that are available within the communities

The director Agrisol Africa limited Walter Okol told Voice of Lango FM that Bokashi is the local organic material that they will be emphasizing for farmers in Lango sub region to use

Okol said Bokashi which is made from local organic materials such as molasses, animal residues and dry grasses can sustain soil fertility for at least three years thereby increasing productivity

The senior assistant secretary of Aber sub county in Oyam district, Clement Emmanuel Otim pledged commitment to mobilize farmers to adopt the use of organic fertilizers to increase productivity

The agricultural officer of Barr Sub County in Lira district, Francis Okello Adimo said the project is a good initiative to improve food security and improve on the financial welfare of farmers in Lango

The senior assistant secretary of Aleka Sub County in Oyam district Joy Kandi Acen pledged to include the project in the budget of Oyam district in the next financial year

The inception meeting to launch the project was attended by different stakeholders in Lango region from Oyam, Kole and Lira districts