June 18, 2024

Police officer arrested in Dokolo over loss of a gun

By Denis Okello (denis.okello@vol.co.ug)


Police of Dokolo central police station have arrested one of the police officers of Rego-rego police post in Amwoma Sub County over loss of an AK-47 gun.

The police officer whose identity has not been revealed reportedly left the gun to go and ease himself about 500 meters away from his duty post last week, but when he returned, the gun was nowhere to be seen.

Dokolo Resident district commissioner, Barbra Akech confirmed the loss of the AK47 gun, adding that the suspect is being held at Dokolo central police station.

Akech said one Kweji Tony is being suspected by security of stealing the gun, due to numerous cases of theft levied against him and is being trailed by security for arrest.

She said Kweji has been writing apology letters to be pardoned for his bad actions but as security, they want him to surrender and voluntarily hand himself to police.

Akech asked locals to report to police some of the people suspected of engaging in crimes so that they can be followed with the law.