February 27, 2024

Lira City East Division councilors reject new Town Clerk

Denish Ongora (denish.ongora@vol.co.ug)

Councilors of Lira city East division have rejected the new town clerk that has been posted to the division temporarily, insisting that they want to work with Angole Jimmy who has been serving as the division town clerk.

On 26/07/2023, the permanent secretary in ministry of local government wrote to Opolot Apolo Benard transferring him from Kole district as deputy CAO to Lira city as deputy town clerk on temporal basis for six months until a substantial town clerk is appointed.

On 7th/08/2023, Lira City Town Clerk Theophilus Tibihika posted Opolot Apolo to Lira city East division as town clerk.

However, when Opolot went for orientation at his new duty station, councilors rejected him and asked him to return to the town clerk of Lira city for redeployment.

Akidi Norah the councilor of Te-atura said they want Opolot Apolot to return to his job where he was appointed as the deputy town clerk of Lira City but not as town clerk of Lira city East division.

Opolot said he was sent to work as deputy town clerk of Lira city and serving as a town clerk of Lira city east division which is still in line with his appointment.

He said he will return back to the ministry for redeployment.