June 18, 2024

Lango’s Best, Worst Performed MPs in New Score Card


By Denis Okello and Bonny Otim Ogwal (editor@vol.co.ug)

Lira City

Five Members of Parliament from Lango sub region have printed their names in the hall of fame in Uganda’s August house having been ranked among the best 100 debaters in the country in the third session of the 11th Parliament.

This is according to the Parliament’s plenary score card results published by the governmened owned newspaper, the weekend vision of Saturday 1st June 2024.

The score card ranked, Prime Minister Robinah Nabbanja at position number one with 242 points, followed by finance state minister Henry Musasizi at 191, Erute South’s Jonathan Odur at number four with 181 points. Those who never spoke in the house in the last session were David Ochwa of Agule County, Ssimbwa Fred of Nakifuma and Lira City West’s Shedrick Vincent Obong Eyit out of 585 MPs.

In Lango, the overall best legislator is Jonathan Odur of Erute South who debated 181 times, followed by Alum Santa Ogwang, the Oyam District Woman MP who debated 96 times, Obua Denis Hamson of Ajuri county came in at number 3 with 59 points, Dr Opio Samuel Acuti of Kole North, 39 times, Okot Ogong Felix of Dokolo South, 34 times, Ogwal Moses Goli of Dokolo North, 27 times and Amongi Betty Ongom of Oyam South who debated 25 times.

Some of the MPs who registered dismal performance include; Obong Vincent Shedrick Eyit of Lira City Lira west, Akora Maxwel Ebong Patrick of Maruzi County in Apac who did not debate at all, scoring 0 in the third session of the 11th Parliament.

Others are; UPC party president also Lira city East MP, Akena James Micheal who spoke three times, Olobo James Dubai of Kioga North who debated 4 times.

Ocan Patrick of Apac Municipality debated 7 times, Okwir Samuel Odwe of Moroto county, Okello Nelson Lemba of Maruzi North and Abeja Susan Jolly, Otuke woman MP all spoke 8 times, Akello Christine of Erute North debated 9 times while Awor Betty Engola, Apac woman MP, Acon Julius Bua of Otuke East and Atim Agnes Apea, Amolatar woman MP debated 10 times.

Ocen Peter Akalo of Kole South debated 11 times, Okot Boniface Henry, youth MP, 13 times, Ayoo Tonny of Kwania county, 13 times, Auma Kenny Lapat,  Kwania woman MP, 13 times, Dr Aceng Jane Ruth of Lira City, 14 times, Apio Eunice Otuku of Oyam North, 16 times.

Speaking on Voice of Lango’s highly rated topical discussion program, Monday morning, Jonathan Odur says for one to perform well, he or she needs to prepare adequately through research and being in the know of what is in the order paper.

Odur added that, MPs should also be acquainted with the challenges their constituents are facing by consistently getting feedback from them and being present in the house regularly.


S/NONameConstituencyDistrictScoreRanked NationalyRanked RegionallyPolitical Party
1Odur JonathanErute SouthLira18141UPC
2Alum Santa OgwangOyam District WomanOyam96162UPC
3Obua Denis HamsonAjuriAlebtong59333NRM
4Opio Samuel AcutiKole NorthKole39584Ind
5Okot Ogong FelixDokolo SouthDokolo34715NRM
6Ogwal Moses GoliDokolo NorthDokolo27986NRM
7Amongi Betty OngomOyam SouthOyam251027Indp
8Auma Linda AgnessLira District WomanLira201348NRM
9Alyek JudithKole WomanKole191429NRM
10Okae BobKwania NorthKwania1816310UPC
11Okot Junior MosesKioga CountyAmolatar1816411FDC
12Omara PaulOtuke CountyOtuke1816512Ind
13Acen DorcusAlebtong District WomanAlebtong1618113NRM
14Apio Eunice OtukuOyam NorthOyam1618614UPC
15Dr Aceng Jane RuthLira City WomanLira1422515NRM
16Auma KennyKwania WomanKwania1324316UPC
17Ayoo TonnyKwania CountyKwania1324617NRM
18Okot Boniface HenryNorthern YouthNorthern1326718NRM
19Ocen PeterKole SouthKole1133119Ind
20Acon  Julius BuaOtuke EastOtuke1034220NRM
21Atim Agness ApeaAmolatar WomanAmolatar1034421NRM
22Awor Betty EngolaApac WomanApac1034522NRM
23Akello ChristineErute NorthLira935623NRM
24Abeja Susan JollyOtuke WomanOtuke837324Ind
25Okello Nelson LembaMaruzi NorthApac839225UPC
26Okwir Samuel OdweMorotoAlebtong839426NRM
27Ocan PatrickApac MunicipalityApac741527UPC
28Olobo JamesKioga NorthAmolatar447728NRM
29Akena James MichealLira City EastLira City348229UPC
30Akora Maxwel Ebong PatrickMaruziCountyApac055230UPC
31Obong Vincent ShedrickLira City WestLira City057631Ind

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