June 18, 2024

Victims of Otuke Elephant attack hospitalized


By Isaac Okello ( isaac.okello@vol.co.ug)


Two people who were attacked by elephants in Ogwete Sub County, Otuke District on Sunday have been rushed to Orum Health Centre 4 for treatment.

The elephants that are suspected to have swayed from Kidepo Valley National Game Park injured one, Ebele Sam and another unidentified person.

The elephants were cited in Aco-pe-lwor, Atira parish, Ogwete Sub County, near the border of Otuke and Napak district.

The North Kyoga regional police spokesperson SP Patrick Jimmy Okema told media that Ebele Sam, who had hidden himself on a tree, was hit by the trunk of the elephant forcing him to fall down.

The victim broke his right hand and leg.

Okema added that the report was made vide Otuke CPS vide GEF 10/2024 to establish circumstances under which the elephants invaded the village and caused injuries to the local.

He said a team of Police officers, local leaders and Army to were deployed to restrict the community from into contact with the contact with the elephants which could make them more violent and probably cause more injuries.

Otuke District Chairman, Francis Abola said the injured are locals of Atira in Ogwete Sub County.

Abola added that he has liaised with game rangers from Pian Upe game reserve who redirected the animals back to their natural habitat.

Attempts to get comments from UWA spokesperson Bashir Hangi were futile by press time.

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