June 18, 2024

Kwania Man walks home naked after staking underwear on card games


By Joshua Olomo (editor@vol.co.ug)


Residents of Aoli Village, Agwiciri Parish, Inomo Sub County were engulfed in deep astonishment on Monday after a 28 years old man walked naked for nearly five kilometers from the trading center to his home after losing all the clothes he had donned on to fellow card game players which he had used as a guarantee for the game.

Robin Ebong, 28, according to local residents, first staked his trouser, but after losing the game, again staked the shirt, vest and other belongings including underwears to his fellow card game players at the trading center.

Ebong reportedly didn’t have money, but used the clothes which value was equated to the amount of money he would pay if he loses the game.

Vincent Okello, the area LC1 Chairperson of Aoli village told Voice of Lango that because of the incident, as the area leadership they have banned card games to prevent a repeat of the same.

 Ebong’s neighbors say, this is not the first time he is losing his clothes to the card game players due to accumulated game losses.

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