June 18, 2024

Sub County chief to undergo investigations over alleged misuse of fund

By Voice of Lango Editorial (editor@vol.co.ug)


The LCIII chairman of Atongtidi Sub County Patrick Onyum Okwang has written to Kwania district CAO to cause investigation of alleged corruption and abuse of office against the Sub County chief of Atongtidi Beja Tom Richard.

In his letter dated 21/7/2022 Onyum accuses Beja Tom Richard of mismanaging 5 million shillings that the Sub County received under Discretionary Development Equalization Grant for construction of a latrine at Akwaiwanga Landing Site, another 25 million shillings for procuring a three motorcycles, refusal to collect revenue and absenteeism.

Atongtidi Sub County chairman Patrick Onyum Okwang wants the matter investigated and the Sub County chief is made to refund the money.

Beja however denies the allegation and maintains that the construction of a latrine at Akwaiwanga landing site is to commence and a procurement process of the same is ongoing.

Opollot Apollo Bernard, the deputy CAO of Kwania district said they have directed an audit into matter.