June 18, 2024

Bad roads force councilors to mobilize support for rehabilitation

By Voice of Lango Editorial (editor@vol.co.ug)


Councilors of Ireda East ward in Lira city East division have taken it upon themselves to mobilize the community to contribute resources to rehabilitate the dilapidated Lumumba-Ogengo road.

During a local council meeting attended by ten councilors in Ireda East at Ireda primary school on Saturday, a resolution was passed that members of the community are to contribute money to cater for fuel and other expenses to support rehabilitation of the road.  A sum of shs 120, 000 was raised in pledges, shs 20, 000 in cash and 32litres of fuel in pledges.

The chairperson in charge mobilization committee David Omach said a letter should be written to Lira city authorities to ask for permission to rehabilitate the road in order to avoid conflict with the city officials.

Omach said the formation of the committee is to promote development in the area as Ireda as always been ignored by city authorities ever since Lira was still a municipality.

Lira city secretary for works and technical services Herbert Apita said Lumumba-Ogengo road is in the city budget and work plan for this financial year.