May 20, 2024

Lango College, St Katherine and Bata SS head teachers awarded for good performance   

Photo By New Vision

Isaac Okello (


Head teachers of Lango College and Saint Katherine SS in Lira city have pledged to continue working to improve performance of their schools after scooping awards for boosting performance of their schools.

Sam Bob Okino the head teacher of Lango College, and Rose Mary Nangwala the head teacher of St. Catherine SS made the remarks after the president awarded them with certificates among 12 teachers who exhibited excellent performance according to a survey conducted by Vision group on best performing head teachers in the country.

Okino said the award has encouraged him to even work harder to improve the performance of Lango College.

He said that at the time he was transferred to Lango College there was an enrolment of only 260 students which has since risen up to 1,005.

Okino said they plan to equip their students with vocational skills starting next year for self-reliance.

The head teacher of Saint Katherine SS, Rose Mary Nangwala said she will also work harder to improve performance of Saint Katherine SS.

Nangwala said she was awarded for fostering different developments at the school including academic performance.

The head teacher of Bata SS, Denis Ogwal also emerged the 12 best performing head teachers.