June 18, 2024

Bako Olang forbids marrying from same clan

Snippet of clans in Lango

By Denish Ongora (denish.ongora@vol.co.ug)


Bako Olang clan has barred their members from marrying from other clans which bear the name of “Bako” as they are considered to be relatives.

The clan chief of Bako-Olang, Rev. Martin Odongo said the ban was necessitated by the fact that the clan leaders and elders discovered that all the clans with the name Bako attached to them had split up from one major clan.

Odongo who is the general secretary of Tekwaro Lango said marriage between members of Bako clan tantamount to incest against culture, the laws of this country, and religious doctrine.

For this reason, he said any member of Bako –Olang who will be found to have married from any other clan with the name of Bako attached to it will have the marriage dissolved.

Minister of tourism at Tekwaro Lango Florence Kurikomi attributes indiscipline, disability and children born with mental challenges on incest.

Kurikomi who hails from Ocukuruogora clan and is married in Oyima clan said all clans with the names of Ocukuru and Ogora are related and the same case is with Oyima that has many sub set of clans.

Some of the clans that bear the name, Bako tye include; Bako –Olang, Bako, Bako okwang twang, Bako ocol, Bako abwori, Bako opuk, Bako otara, bakoogwetyang, Bako oduggu, Bako olangtim, Bako-opelkori, and otengero Bako Olang among others.