June 18, 2024

Court temporarily halts seizure of Yahweh Pentecostal ministries

Believers gathered at Mayor’s garden awaiting court decision

By Denis Okello (denis.okello@vol.co.ug)


Lira high court judge has temporarily halted the execution of a warrant of seizure of property belonging to PAG mission Uganda that are under the custody of Yahweh Pentecostal ministries.

On 31/3/2023, Justice Musa Ssekana of the civil division of the high court in Kampala in his ruling returned back to PAG Uganda property that were under the custody of Yahweh Pentecostal ministries.

Following the ruling, Lira high court issued a warrant of seizure to a green light to Libra Court Bailiffs and Auctioneers to seize property including; plots 36-40 Agwata road, plot 26 Kioga road, plot 4-12 Okori Olero road in Ireda Shamba, plot 89-97 Ogwal Achonga road and churches under PAG Limited, East Lango Pastorate that were under management of Yahweh Pentecostal ministries.

But Yahweh Pentecostal ministries through their lawyer Gerald Etuk of GDE Advocates ran to court seeking to halt the process of seizing their property.

Gerald Etuk told court that some of the land on which the churches were built are customary in nature and without proof of ownership and cannot be seized.

He said some property and land were also obtained at the time that both PAG Uganda and PAG Lira or Yahweh Pentecostal ministries had not yet registered with government and cannot also be sized.

Lira high court judge Duncan Gaswaga said there are many cases involving Yaweh and PAG Uganda and asked for more time to study miscellaneous application number 24 and 40 to guide him in handling the matter.

Gaswaga said for now, the process of seizing the property has been temporarily halted and no one should go on to execute the warrant of seizure.

Justice Gaswaga, advised Yahweh Pentecostal ministries to consider appealing Justice Musa Ssekana’s ruling in the court of appeal.

He adjourned the matter till 29/5/2023.