July 21, 2024

Drama as Group chairman flees from district leaders for fear of accountability

Courtesy Photo

By Denis Okello (denis.okello@vol.co.ug)


There was drama this afternoon in Obim parish, Apala Sub County, Alebtong district after the chairperson of disability group took to his heels and hid in the bush upon citing Alebtong district leaders who had gone to demand accountability on utilization of the special grant for persons with disability funds.

The incident happened at around 3pm, when Richard Ongom chairperson of Lwala disabled group dived in the bush upon citing a team led by the female councilor of disabled persons in Alebtong, Grace Atim Abalo approaching him.

Abalo Grace said Lwala disabled group received 5 million shilling since June this year for procurement of goats for distribution among 10 members.

Each registered beneficiary was supposed to receive four goats.

Abalo said the group members told them that Ongom gave them two goats purportedly bought at 130,000 shillings as well as a sum of 100,000 each, in total disregard of the guidelines for utilization of the funds since the goats were supposed to be procured at 100,000 and each member was supposed to receive four goats.

She said Ongom had not accounted for about 2 million shillings

Abalo said the district leaders called for a meeting with Ongom recently but the latter boycotted the meeting under unclear circumstances.

By press time, the group members were seen combing the bushes in search for Ongom.

The matter has been reported to police for investigation.