April 15, 2024

Thieves steal Oyam district boss stamp



Police in Oyam district have launched investigations into the mysterious loss of the district chairman’s official stamp.

The stamp was allegedly stolen by unknown people in January 2024.

The LCV chairman for Oyam District,Benson Walter Dila Oyuku told Voice of Lango FM that he reported the loss of his stamp to police and investigation has been launched into the matter.

According to Dila, the self-inking stamp has always been kept by his secretary, saying that he learnt of the loss of the stamp at the end of January.

Dila says he has procured a new temporary stamp but warns people against the unscrupulous people who could have stolen the stamp intending to use it for ill motives.

Mercy Agaba the OC CID of by press time said she has not yet got information on the matter since she has just started work at her new work station in Oyam.

This is not the first time Oyam district is losing its property, in October 2023, unknown people broke into the district council hall and made away with the public address system and some computers from the administration department.

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