April 15, 2024

Kyoga County MP trashes claims by UPC party president, Akena to run for presidency

Kyoga County MP- Moses Okot Bitek (white), UPC Party President- JJ Akena Obote (red)

By Voice of Lango Editorial (editor@vol.co.ug)  


Kyoga county MP, Moses Okot Bitek has cast doubt over claims by Uganda People’s Congress party president Jimmy Akena Obote to contest for presidency in 2026.

Last week, Jimmy Akena Obote who was campaigning for UPC party candidate in Dokolo district woman MP race noted that Uganda is not getting equal development opportunities which calls for change of government.

Akena said he will contest for presidency in 2026, to fulfill his vision of uplifting the livelihood of the Ugandans

He added that for long he has been trying in vain to debate on matters of development in parliament but nothing has been achieved in his quest to better the lives of Ugandans.

Akena said the only way for him to accomplish his vision of liberating Ugandans is by electing him as president in the 2026 polls.

However, MP Okot Moses Bitek while campaigning for FDC party candidate in Dokolo woman MP election Dr. Rosemary Alwoch trashed as lies, Akena’s claim to contest for presidency in 2026.

Okot said for long, Akena has been rhetoric about his presidential bid but has never taken a step to contest in the elections, and it may be the case this time around.

Okot Bitek called for election of competent leaders as MPs if Ugandans are to enjoy better services

Meanwhile, President of the Uganda People’s Congress (UPC) Jimmy James Michael Akena Obote has cautioned some politicians who are opposed to his idea of running for President in 2026, against criticizing him if he either fails to finally contest or to implement his vison for Uganda.

Akena said he has faith that his vision is clear enough to improve the welfare of Ugandans.

While addressing locals of Adok and Agwata Sub Counties at a campaign for UPC candidate in Dokolo woman MP by-election, Akena said his vision is to improve the livelihood of Ugandans through poverty alleviation as well as the poor education system, and ensuring equal distribution of resources and development.

UPC candidate in Dokolo woman MP race, Sarah Aguti Nyangkori, said she will launch the youth Venture Fund to support the youth improve their livelihood

Some UPC legislators from Lango who include;  Maxwell Akora of Maruzi, Dr. Eunice Apio Otuku of Oyam North, and Nelson Okello Lemba of Maruzi North said the UPC agenda is premised on poverty alleviation, improving health care services and education.