April 15, 2024

Police recruitment: Lango region registers low turn up among females

By Joshua Olomo (editor@vol.co.ug)


Very few female youth have applied for recruitment as Probationer Police Constable (PPC) in Lango.

Upon completion of the 12-month-training, the officers will be passed out at the rank of Probationer Police Constable (PPC).

However, only 183 females were shortlisted against 352 male youth from Lango awaiting interviews to be conducted by the Uganda police force.

In February, Uganda Police Force announced recruitment of 2,500 youth aged 18-23 as probationer Police Constables.

In Lango, the successful applicants include 83 from Oyam, Dokolo 80, Lira City 73, Alebtong 80, Apac 56, Kole, 44, Kwania, 41, Lira district, 22, Amolatar, 33 and 16 from Otuke, district.  

SP Jimmy Patrick Okema, the spokesperson of North Kyoga Regional Police asked the applicants to go to the different Central Police Stations across Lango sub region for interviews.

According to Okema, the interviews for Oyam district will run from 8th to 14 April 2024.

 For Oyam district, interviews will be held on 8/4/2024, Kole on 9/4/2024, Apac, 10/4/2024, Kwania, 11/4/2024, Lira district and Lira City, 12/4/2024, Dokolo and Alebtong, 13/4/2024, Amolatar and Otuke, 14/4/2024.