June 18, 2024

Apac statistician arrested over mismanagement of PDM funds

By Voice of Lango Editorial (editor@vol.co.ug) 


Apac district statistician Monica Atim is in police custody at Apac central police station for allegedly swindling 21.8 million shillings meant for Parish Development Model (PDM) data collection exercise.

Apac district Resident commissioner Abdul George confirmed to Voice of Lango that he handed Monica Atim to Apac police after complaints from data collection officers that they had not been paid much as the money was released to her in June this year.

Abdul said his office called for a meeting involving the Chief finance officer, chief administrative officer, production accountant, Monica Atim and the representatives of data collection officers since Atim had lied to him that she had not received the money.

Abdul said the CFO, CAO and the production accountant all confirmed that the money had been released in Atim’s account during the meeting from which Atim subsequently acknowledged that she had received the money and was going to pay the data clerks.

Abdul said Atim will be handed to both inspectorate of government and state house anti-corruption unit for corruption related investigation.

The North Kyoga police spokesperson Jimmy Patrick Okema confirmed that Atim is still in police custody at Apac central police station

Okema said Atim did not swindle 20 million as it was being alleged. He said she paid some data clerks but the rest were demanding 3.5million payment from her.