June 18, 2024

UPC party supporters blocked from participating in burial of Mzee Onger pe camo Akeo

By Voice of Lango Editorial (editor@vol.co.ug)


Supporters of the Uganda People Congress UPC were yesterday blocked from participating in the burial of Mzee Christopher Okello Opio alias Onger pe-camo akeo in Opila Cell, Boroboro West Ward, Lira City East Division.

UPC party supporters thronged the burial of Mzee Christopher Okello Opio in party colors with hope of leading his burial program but were barred from participating in any activity.

Bonny Opio a son to Onger pe Camo Akeo told mourners that his father died without UPC party supporters by his side, something which angered the party supporters who walked out of the burial.

Bishop of Lango Diocese Prof Alfred Olwa in his sermon at the burial of Okello Opio said he was his friend and had requested him to lead service during his burial.

Bishop Olwa who cited 2 Corinthians 5:1-10 cautioned Christians against the love for worldly pleasures but asked them to live righteous lives to enjoy heavenly kingdom.

Bishop Olwa also warned people of Lango against unnecessary sale of land to gain fast wealth.

He asked parents to instill the love of Christ among their children to mold them into responsible citizens.

Bishop emeritus of Lango Diocese, John Charles Odur Kami said Muzee Okello Opio was disciplined and loving person.

Inomo clan leader, also chairperson, Lira City Service Commission Fred Ogwal Oyee asked people to emulate the late Okello Opio who was an exemplary father figure.

Ogwal Oyee warned clan leaders against insulting Lango paramount chief Mzee Yosam Odur Ebil who is set to leave power

Former Lira district chairman Alex Orema Alot said Okello Opio was a staunch UPC supporter.