April 15, 2024

Three staff of Lira regional referral hospital arrested over theft of drugs

By Voice of Lango Editorial (editor@vol.co.ug)


Three staff of Lira Regional Referral Hospital are being held at Lira City Central Police Station over alleged theft of government drugs.

One of the health workers at Lira regional referral hospital who pleaded for anonymity told Voice of Lango FM that a team of police and government investigators stormed the facility pharmacy on Wednesday and arrested three staff who include; pharmacy technician George Bush, cleaner only identified as Janet and pharmacy attendant Silas Oputan.

They allegedly sold over 100 boxes of Artesunate drugs used to treat malaria.

North Kyoga region police spokesperson Patrick Jimmy Okema by press time said he had not yet got a report on the matter.

Lira Resident City Commissioner Lawrence Egola said he was aware of the operation conducted at government health facilities to weed out drug theft, although he said he was not informed of further details of the arrest conducted at Lira regional referral hospital.

Senior hospital administrator Monica Akello by press time said she was preparing for an interview.